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Relationship of DSH and suicide to social and economic factors


We have conducted a social area analysis of the distribution of DSH and suicide in Oxfordshire, to determine their relationship to indices of socio-economic deprivation and social fragmentation. We have also completed a study of the relationship between social class and characteristics of DSH patients and the treatments they are offered. These projects were based on data from the Oxford Monitoring System for Attempted Suicide.



Hawton, K., Harriss, L., Simkin, S., Bale, E., Bond, A. (2001) Social class and suicidal behaviour: the associations between social class and the characteristics of deliberate self-harm patients and the treatment they are offered. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 36, 437-443

Hawton, K., Harriss, L., Hodder, K., Simkin, S ., Gunne ll, D. (2001) The influence of the economic and social environment on deliberate self-harm and suicide: an ecological and person-based study. Psychological Medicine, 31, 827-836


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