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Suicide in high risk occupational groups - farmers, doctors, female nurses, veterinary surgeons


Several occupational groups in the United Kingdom appear to have considerably elevated risk of suicide. These include, for example, farmers, doctors (especially females), dentists, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, and female nurses. We have conducted separate research investigations of suicide in farmers, doctors and female nurses in England and Wales. The three studies have each included psychological autopsy investigations (see Hawton, Appleby, Platt et al. (1998) below for a description of this approach). All these projects were commissioned and funded by the Department of Health. We are currently conducting research on suicide in veterinary surgeons.


General publications arising from this work include:

Hawton, K., Houston, K., Malmberg, A., Simkin, S. (2003) Psychological autopsy interviews in suicide research: the reactions of informants. Archives of Suicide Research, 7, 73-82

Hawton, K., Appleby, L., Platt, S., Foster, T., Cooper, J., Malmberg, A., Simkin, S. (1998) The psychological autopsy approach to studying suicide: a review of methodological issues. Journal of Affective Disorders, 50, 269-276.

Hill, K., Hawton, K., Malmberg, A., Simkin, S. (1997) Bereavement Information Pack: for those bereaved by suicide or other sudden death. Royal College of Psychiatrists (Gaskell Press), London.





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