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Systematic review of risk factors for suicide in depression


Approximately nine out of every ten people who die by suicide have been shown to have a psychiatric disorder (not always previously recognized). Depression is by far the most common disorder. Therefore detection of depressed individuals at risk of suicide is essential for prevention.

We have conducted a study to bring together the international scientific literature on risk factors for suicide in people with depression. We have used the evidence to develop a Clinical Guide intended to be used in NHS clinical settings, especially primary care, in order to improve the detection of individuals most at risk and to aid prevention of suicide in this population. The researchers directly involved in this systematic review are: Carolina CasaƱas i Comabella, Dr Kate Saunders, Professor Keith Hawton and Dr Camilla Haw. This study was funded by the Judi Meadows Memorial Fund.

The Clinical Guide for Assessment of Suicide Risk in People with Depression produced by the team is available in a web version or can be downloaded as a pdf file.




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