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Workshop on Evidence-Based Practice, Course
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25th November 2011. The Department of Continuing Education, Oxford. Workshop fee £195.

Evidence-based medicine is the process of life-long, self-directed learning in which caring for patients leads to the search for, critical appraisal, and incorporation into practice of valid and clinically important information about diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and other clinical and health-care issues.

The Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine was established by David Sackett and his colleagues in 1994 to promote the teaching, learning and practice of evidence-based health care, and to conduct research aimed at generating the new knowledge required for the practice of evidence-based medicine.  The current Director is Professor Paul Glasziou.

Workshop aims

After the workshop, participants should be able to:

  1. formulate an answerable question
  2. track down the best evidence
  3. do rapid critical appraisal of controlled trials
  4. apply the evidence to individuals’ care
  5. evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your educational process.

Workshop format

The Workshop is a mixture of plenaries and small groups in which  participants will practice and develop their EBM knowledge and skills.  Time will be provided for searching.

Workshop materials and preparation

Participants will receive a copy of The Evidence-Based Medicine Workbook (Glasziou, Del Mar and Salisbury BMJ Books 2007) and  materials to enable them to achieve the objectives of the one-day Workshop.

Workshop facilitators

The Workshop will be chaired by Prof. Paul Glasziou, Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and Editor of  the Journal Evidence-Based Medicine.


Intended Audience arrow

The workshop is intended to serve as an introduction to evidence-based medicine. It is aimed at clinicians and other health care professionals who wish to gain knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in the practice of evidence-based health care.

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'Changed my knowledge and skills and opened my eyes to the methods used in EBM. Enabled me to be in a better position to help others at work'