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These Power Point presentations are available for download reference purposes only to assist in the understanding of EBM.

2012 Practising Evidence Based Practice Workshop  
Why Should I Use Social Media? (pdf - 2MB) Peter J Gill
Curriculum Development (pdf - 2.5MB) Stuart Carney
Bite Size Introduction (pptx - 2.9MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Teaching Tips for Diagnostic Studies (pdf - 2.7MB) Matthew Thompson
Teaching Stats in Small Doses (pdf - 2.1MB) Dr Amanda Burls
GATE-lite RCTs and Observational Studies (pdf - 147KB) Rod Jackson
GATE-lite Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies (pdf - 139KB) Rod Jackson
GATE: Graphic Approach To Epidemiology (pdf - 1.5MB) Rod Jackson
  - Italian translation (pptx - 4MB) by Fabrizio Losurdo
How to practice EBM - Finding the Evidence (pptx - 1.0MB) Nia Wyn Roberts & Owen Coxall
Searching Tips (pptx - 0.9MB) Nia Wyn Roberts & Owen Coxall
2012 Workshop on How to Practice Evidence-Based Health Care  
3-Day Workshop on Evidence-Based Practice (pptx - 7.1MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Finding the Evidence (ppt - 1.1MB) Coxall, Petrinic & Roberts
Critical appraisal RCT (pdf - 1.1MB) Su May Liew
Making sense of results (pdf - 1.3MB) Dr Rafael Perera
Diagnostic studies (pdf - 2.3MB) Dr Annette Pluddemann
Systematic reviews (pdf - 1.4MB) Paul Glasziou
2011 - 17th Oxford Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice  
17th Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice (pdf - 8.6MB) Dr Carl Heneghan
Curriculum Development (ppt - 1.2MB) Dr Stuart Carney
Rapid Critical Appraisal with GATE (ppt - 2.7MB) Dr Rod Jackson
The problem with Before and After studies (pdf - 0.1MB) Dr Rafael Perera
Teaching heterogeneity (ppt - 0.3MB) Prof Kameshwar Prasad
Take home message (pptx - 0.1MB) Dr Rafael Perera
A Systematic Guide for the Management of Depression in Primary Care. * Please note that the "Systematic Guide for the Management of Depression in Primary Care", formerly listed here, has been withdrawn because it is out of date. We recommend you refer to the Mental Health Specialist Library for current information on guidelines and pathways.
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